Dinosaur Search


1. Which dinosaur has plates on his back?

2. Can you name a reptile that flew through the air?

3. Which dinosaur had a very long neck?

4. Which dinosaur was called the King of Dinosaurs?

5. Name the dinosaur with three horns.

6. Can you name the dinosaur that was smaller that a Thanksgiving turkey?

7.  Which dinosaur was the size of an average dog, and very smart?

8. Which dinosaur was considered to be  "The Fastest Animal on Earth"?

9. Which dinosaur looked very much like the T-Rex?

10. Can you name the dinosaur that is considered to be everyone's favorite?


Subject/Grade: Science /

Standard/Objective: Goal 1. The learner will build an understanding of similarities and differences in animals.
Objective 2:   Identify the similarities and differences in animals:  Appearance.

Technology Standard: Goal 2.  The learner will demonstrate knowledge and skills in the use of computer and other technologies.