Scavenger Hunts

Created by Davidson County Teachers based on North Carolina State Standards

Name of Scavenger Hunt
Little Red Riding Hood K
Dinosaur Search K
Wonderful Frogs K
Plants 1
The Sea 1
Underwater World 1
Mighty Mouth 2
John Henry 3
Paul Bunyan 3
Colonial Times 3
Order of Operations 4-5
Whale of a Tail 4
My Side of the Mountain 5
United States Regions 5
Eating Disorders 6
First Aid 7
Composing Business Letters: Keyboarding Keyboarding 9-12 
Art History: The -isms Art History 9-12
Human Genome Project Biology 9-12
Healthful Living Health
DNA Structure Biology
Organic Recycling Biology
The Rise of Medieval Europe World History
Newton's Law Physics
Macbeth English
Shakespeare English