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<                                  HoHow Rocks Are Formed

Use the underlined sites to find the answers to the questions.

1. What are the three different kinds of rocks?

2. What are igneous rocks called?

3. How is igneous rock formed underground?

4. Sedimentary rock is formed when little pieces of the earth erode.  What does it mean to "erode"?

to get rusty
to make disappear
worn away by wind and water
to build a road

5. This igneous rock is a piece of granite.  What is granite used for?

6. This igneous rock is called scoria.  It is really a kind of _____?

7. Metamorphic rocks were once what?

on the moon
sedimentary rock
igneous rock

8. Why do metamorphic rocks "morph"  or change?

9. What kind of sedimentary rock forms schist?

10. How much pressure is needed to cause metamorphic rocks to change?







Created by:Kathy Bailey