Text Box: NASA Mission Possible Scavenger Hunt
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Introduction: These activities were developed to meet the Grade Level Expectations for third grade specifically in the areas of Science, Objects in the Sky.These activities do meet other GLEs which I noted on the teacherís guide. (The teacherís guide is located in the above entry on the blackboard.I would just hyperlink the teacherís guide if I was going to use this on my computer in my classroom or post it to the Internet.)Students will need to click on the blue hyperlinked sites in each of the missions to access the appropriate sites to complete the activities.Now get ready to ďBlast OffĒ, 3-2-1ÖÖ.


Introduction of Task:Astronaut Cadet Trainee, you are going to be collecting information to earn your NASA Astronaut Cadet Patch. You will collect data from different Internet websites to earn your patch.


Your first mission is to go to the site, Pop Brain and watch the Solar System video clip.You will need to type in our class username and password to access the video clip.On your NASA Astronaut Cadetís Lab Sheet, you are to list the planets in order as they are located from the sun.


††† Your next mission will be to learn why the Earthís moon looks different in the sky at different times. You will visit the moon section of the NASA Kids website.You are to draw and label the different phases of the moon on your NASA Astronaut Cadetís Lab Sheet.Now write two sentences about why the moon seems to change shape.


To checkup on your skills to identify the phases of the moon go to the Moon Phases quiz and test your skills.Record your score on your NASA Astronaut Cadetís lab sheet.

†† ††††††††††

††††††††† For this mission you will be teamed up with another cadet trainee. Your crew will view the unitedstreaming.com video clip, Planetary Rotation and Revolution: Days and Years. After viewing the video clip your crew will visit the NASA Kids to learn about how people used a sundial to tell time.You are to create a sundial with your crew member using the sundial model that your Commander will provide you with. Your commander (your teacher) will take you outside three times throughout the day.Your crew will record your sundial data on your lab sheet.Next, your crew will access the website, Create A Graph and make a bar graph using this site.



†††† ††Your last mission before you can collect your Astronaut Cadet Patch will be to visit the Space Kids website with your crew will click on the Solar System Flash Tours video.This site will take a minute to load.You will select and click on one of the nine planets. Your crew will watch the video clip on the planet.Your crew will create a slide in the software Kid Pix to persuade someone to visit this planet.Your slide will become part of our class Solar System Tour Guide Presentation.Your crew must include a picture of your planet and write a paragraph about your planet and why it would be an interesting place to visit. You are also to write this paragraph on your NASA Astronaut Cadetís lab sheet.


††† You have completed all of the activities necessary to earn your NASA Astronaut Cadet Patch.You will turn your lab sheet into your teacher.You will review your work.She will decide if you have completed the activities correctly and decide if you have earned your patch.Congratulations!

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NASA Kids - Earth and Moon


Brain Pop


Create a Graph