Bat Mothers and Their Babies


Most bats have only one baby a year. Many types of female bats group together to make a nursery before they have their babies. They usually make their nurseries in a cave. Many babies and their mothers crowd together in the nursery. With all of the bats together the temperature is raised to over 100 F. That is good for the babies, they need a warm and humid place to keep them safe. They have no fur to protect them and keep them warm.

Like all mammals, bat mothers nurse their babies with milk. A bat mother can find her baby out of hundreds of babies by sight, smell, sound and position. A bat baby is called a pup.

Bat pups are unable to fly for several months. Bat pups cling to their mothers until they are too large to be carried. Then are left behind in a nursery colony while the adults hunt. Newborn bat pups won't become independent for one to three months.