Three Cheers for Chocolate

 Scavenger Hunt

Click on the words to find the answers.  Write your answers on the lab sheet.

1. Chocolate begins as bean on the __________________ tree. Note click on "Print Version" to read the information.  You will have a chance to view the virtual tour later.

2. The main ingredients in chocolate are _______________, _____________, _______________, ____________.

3.  Chocolate was originally a ____________________ and not

something to be eaten.  It was hot and not very sweet. 

4.  When was the first chocolate factory built in the United States?

5. Who invented the heart-shaped Valentine's chocolate box?

6. Take the virtual Hershey Chocolate Tour.  Write down two facts that you learn about chocolate.  Make sure that you write them in complete sentences.

7. Choose five invents on the chocolate timeline website and write them down on your lab sheet. You might want to rewrite them to make the event shorter.  Click on the Timeline Creator link. Create a timeline using the information you collect.  Print it out.