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Learning Mission 3

Step 1: This mission will be completed on the same day as Mission 2. 

Step 2: Your mission to find out the answer to the question: Why does the sun seem to be in different location in the sky throughout the day?

Step 3: You will need the following materials to complete the mission.

paper, crayons, Excel Software ( Click here for Excel template.) and lab sheet  ( Click here for the lab sheet.)    

Step 4: Your teacher will take you step by step through this lesson. 

Step 5: After you have completed collecting all of your data you click on the Excel template to create your chart with your data.  Then you will create a graph with the chart.                                                                             

Note:   You will create a graph from their spreadsheet in Excel.  You will be expected to be able to discuss the results of the experiment.  You will be accessed by the following rubric. (Click here for spreadsheet rubric.)