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Learning Mission 6

 Step 1: Your mission is to go to the computer lab and type your postcard to your parent(s) and the person that you chose to write to about your trip through the Internet Solar System tour.

Step 2: Teacher will show you how to access the "Solar System Postcard PowerPoint".  

Step 3: Make sure you have your rough draft with you before you start typing your postcard. (Click here for the template.) 

Step 4: You will type on the slide with your student number on it.  When you finish you should have your mission partner proofread your slide. When you are finished raise your hand so that your teacher can help you save your slide to the class PowerPoint presentation. This presentation will be saved to our class website for you to look at from home and at school.

Note: Your grade will be based on your correct completion of your PowerPoint slide. It will be grade with the following rubric.  (Click here for the template of the rubric.)