Fishing for Louisiana Facts

Let's discover Louisiana by "Fishing for Facts." Click on each link below to find the answer to the following questions.

1. Go to Encarta Online and name three goods produced by the chemical industry in Louisiana.
2. Who invented the first paddlewheel boat and in what year? What is the name of the paddlewheeler in this picture? 
3. What are the average January and July temperatures in Louisiana? 
4. What are the seven major rivers in Louisiana?
5. Use the detailed Louisiana map to name five cities in Louisiana? 
6. What is the highest point in Louisiana?
7. Click on any of the links in the Louisiana Article Outline and explore this Encarta article on Louisiana. Find three facts about Louisiana that are new to you.


8. Go the Info Louisiana site and click on the state capital. How tall is the building and how many floors does it have?
9. What is the Louisiana state insect?
10. What is the Louisiana state wildflower? 
11. What is the Louisiana state mammal? 
12. What is the Louisiana state musical instrument?
13. What is the Louisiana state dog? 
14. What is the Louisiana state crustacean, amphibian, and reptile?

15. When did Louisiana became a state?
16. What does "joie de vivre" mean?
17. How many flags have flown over Louisiana?
18. In what region is Tangipahoa Parish located? 
19. List 4 Louisiana agricultural products.


20. Go the Louisiana Profiles site and click on the Cajun Country link. Where does the word "Cajun" come from?
21. What countries did Louisiana settlers come from originally?
22. List five or six of Louisiana Industries.
23. Who was governor of Louisiana from 1928 - 1932?