Government Scavenger Hunt


Introduction - You are going search the Internet to find information about our country.  You are to record your answers on your answer sheet.  Read the question then click on the blue underlined words in the sentence to go to the Internet to search for your answer.


1. Go to The Flag to find out what the colors of the flag symbolize.

2. Go to Bald Eagle to find out in what year the bald eagle was made the national bird.

3. Go to The Liberty Bell to find out the weight of the Liberty Bell.

4. Go to The US Capitol to find out who designed the capitol building in Washington, D.C.

5. Go to The White House to find out the President's address.

6. Go to Jefferson Memorial to find out who gave the cherry trees that surround the memorial to the U. S..

7. Go to Lincoln Memorial to find out what the 36 columns that surround the memorial stand for.

8. Go to Mt. Rushmore to find out who this memorial honors.

9. Go to Washington Monument to find out which president it honors.

10. Go to Yankee Doodle and sing the song "Yankee Doodle Went To Town."