When Is Homework Assigned?  What Concepts Are We Studying?    

The Spelling Tests are on Thursdays for Mrs. Masters' homeroom class. Basic math fact tests may be testing on Fridays. We are currently working on place value.  Other math unit tests will given as needed.  I will send home information when we start working on multiplication and division facts.  Students will need to study for these tests each night.  Reading Logs are due on Friday for Mrs. Masters' homeroom class. The Spelling Contracts are due on Thursday.  Special projects will be assigned throughout the year. It is the students responsibility to get these assignments home.  Students are required to write down their assignments in their assignment books. Social Studies and Science study guides will be sent home at least two days before the test dates.  They must be signed and returned by a parent on the day of the test. 

Click here on this link to view the assignments assigned today in Math and Social Living also Mrs. Masters' Class's Spelling homework.   

Click here on this link to view the assignments assigned by Mrs. Turner for Language Arts.


Math   Math tests are giving as needed.  Study guides are not sent home for this subject area.  Students are allowed to bring home their textbooks anytime and review the skills that we are working on.  We are currently working on place value and numeration. Click on the following links below to practice these concepts. 

Alert, this website review most of the third grade math skills that students will be tested on at the end of the year. Click here.. 

Harcourt Math eBook - Students may also access Harcourt Math eBook website by clicking here.  Students have their usernames and passwords.  The students may have to enter their username and password twice right now.  The site seems to want to open up into a new page before it lets the students in.  If you have problems just type in the following website address into your address box: http://www.eharcourtschool.com/

Place Value Links
Finding Place Values - find the place value of a particular numeral within a number
Expanded Form of Numbers - write the numeral the expanded form represents
Specific Place - find the numeral in a specific place value
Place Value in Words and Numbers - type correct numeral to represent the words
Identifying Place Values - when given a numeral, identify the place value of the digits


Rounding Links
BBC Rounding
Rounding to the Nearest Hundreds


Subtraction Links
Subtracting Two Digit Numbers without Renaming
Subtracting Three Digit Numbers
Number Words
Word Problems
Subtraction Concentration
Mystery Picture : Subtract 2-digit
Subtraction Hidden Picture game
Two-digit Subtraction with Regrouping Lesson
Flash Cards


Telling Time Links
Clock Wise Interactive! Stop the Clock 1/2 hour Interactive!
Bang on Time Interactive! Stop the Clock 1/4 hour Interactive!
Elapsed Time Interactive! Stop the Clock 5 min Interactive!
Elapsed Time 2 Interactive! Stop the Clock 1 min Interactive!
Feeding Time Interactive! Telling Time 1 Interactive!
  Telling Time 2 Interactive!

Geometry Links
Basic Geometry Polygon Match
Alien Angles Polygon Sort
Solid Figures Bitesize Geometry
Buzzing with Shapes Angles
Patch Tool Flip, Slide, and Turn
Lady Bug Leaf Symmetry Tutorial
Lines of Symmetry Video Wrapping Paper Flip, Slide, and Turn
Congruent Shapes  


Multiplication and Division Links
Multiplication Games Magnetic Multiplication Multiplication Meteors
Multiplication Times Table Chart Multiflyer Multiplication Choose a Planet
Math Mayhem Baseball Multiplication Multiplication Games
Multiplication Football Table Mountain Multiplication Monkey Multiplication
Skillwise Multiplication Rainforest Math Multiplication Table Trees
Area and Perimeter Math Magician Division Want to Be a Millionaire Multiplication
Create Your Own Shapes Using Area Division Flashcards Academic Skills Builders
Measurement Websites
Shape Surveyor Perimeter Practice -
Measure it Perimeter of a Square
Measurement Game Perimeter of a Rectangle
Estimator Measurement Equivalents
Fish Tales Shape Surveyor Perimeter and Area
Perimeter Ant Area and Perimeter
Perimeter Explorer
Money Websites
Which is More? Saxon Math - Making Change
Cash Out Coin Madness - Addition
Change Maker Buy It With the Little Farmer
Practice Money Count the Money
Money Toon University Counting Money


Graphing Websites
Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Saxon Math Graphing
Cool Graphing More Saxon Math Graphing
Interpreting Data Coordinate Points
Mean, Median, and Mode BBC Create a Graph
Bugs in the System?


Fraction Websites
Eight Interactive Fraction Games Fishy Fractions
Interactive Fractions
Fraction Tutorial  
Fraction Frenzy


Probability Websites
Probability Interactive
Probability Practice
Probability Interactive Tools
Language Websites

Wall of Words - Sentences

 The Patchworker Game - Sentences

English Eggs

Capitalization and Punctuation

Punctuation 1 Quiz

Power Proofreading

Quotation Marks Quotation Marks Quiz
Paint Ball English Forming Plural
Common and Proper Nouns


Find the Adjectives

Match the Noun and Adjective

Adjectives Hangman

Practice Using Adverbs

Grammar Blast!

Adjectives Practice



Adjectives Game


Choosing Adjectives -



Reading Mrs. Turner will be assigning reading homework as she see needed. Students are to read a book, magazine, or newspaper at home each night. Students are to record their reading on their "Reading Log". Students are to return their "Reading Logs" each week on Friday. Remember to use the AR book list if you are going to the library.  There is a list of the books in ABC order and by grade level on the website. There is a link on the website to printout graphic organizers which can be used to help students comprehend the stories they read better.  The links below are good websites to practice comprehension skills.

Reading Comprehension stories - interactive quizzes online for 2 stories

Literal Understanding - interactive quizzes with factual information on planets Reading Exercises - comprehension, fill in and sequencing

Spelling Students are to complete one "Spelling Contract" activity each night from Monday to Thursday. The "Spelling Contract" is due on Thursday.

Spelling Websites
Spelling City


Handwriting Websites
Zaner Bloser Handwriting

 Social Living Social Living homework is assigned as needed. We are now beginning Science.  Our unit is Measurement and Science Tools. Click here to access a good website to help review for the Science iLEAP.   Click here to access a good website to help review for the Social Studies iLEAP.


Energy Websites
Alliant Energy Kids Electricity - Simple Circuit
NASA Interactive Sound Waves Building Circuits
BBC Sound and Hearing Electricity is in our Lives
Electricity - Circuit World Using Electricity
Force and Motion Websites
Force and Motion Simple Machines
How Stuff Works Simple Machines and Quiz
Ed Head Simple Machines  
Rocks and Soil Websites
Identification Rock Guide Finding Minerals in your House
 Rock  BBC School Types of Rocks Guide
How Rocks and Mineral are Formed Rock Cycle Interactive
Identify the Rock Game Test Yourself on the Rock Cycle
The Rock Cycle Rock Challenge Quiz


Solar System Websites
Kids Astronomy Solar System Planet 10
Star Child Planet Size Comparison
NASA Solar Exploration Interactive Solar System
NASA's Kid Club Watch Brain Pop video, The Solar System
Label the Planets National Geographic Interactive Solar System


Human Body Websites
Skeletal System Your Digestive System
X-Ray Digestive System Animated
Build the Skeletal System Digestive System Organs
Name the Bones Digestion
Digestive System The Digestive System - Eating Lenny
Label the Digestive System


Animal Websites
Classifying Animals