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  1. Ants: Super Organism

    Description: Listen to the audio clip or read the short transcript about ant colonies. Includes the sounds of an ant colony.

  2. Online Ants

    Description: Watch this movies that shows the movement of ants. Requires QuickTime.

  3. Ants and their Foods

    Description: This is a PowerPoint presentation about ants and their foods. This is a student-created report.

  4. Ant Cast

    Description: The site “gives a secret view into the lives of leafcutter ants.” Choose from live video or static images. NOTE: The live video stream is limited to 10users at one time. If you cannot see the video, you may read the ant facts first, which are rotating in the bottom of the page.

  5. Ant Facts for Kids Today

  6. A Handful of Cells

  7. Seeds PPT

  8. Living Things:  BBC Online

  9. Exploring Ecosystems (Flash Experience)

  10. Ecosystem WebQuest

  11. Enchanted Learning Life Cycles

  12. Types of Animals

  13. Living Things:  The Franklin Institute

  14. Butterfly collection

  15. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom Kid Zone

  16. Underground Adventure Biomes

  17. Artic Adventure:  Animal Adaptation

  18. Build Your Own Caterpillar and FOOD Web

  19. Creature Crazy from PBS

  20. DragonflyTV  Investigation from PBS

  21. Cow's Eye Disection:  What's Inside an Eye?

  22. Fun Optical Illusions

  23. All About Butterflies!

  24. Alien Empire Bee Anatomy

  25. The Great Plant Escape

  26. National Geographic:  Zoo keeper Online Adventure

  27. National Geographic:  Fantastic Adventures/ Yellowstone

  28. National Geographic:  Really Wild Animals Adventure

  29. Endangered Species Webquest

  30. Food Chain Webquest

  31. Ecology Producers and Consumers PPT

  32. Ecology Basic Needs PPT

  33. Ecology Food Webs PPT

  34. Fun with Food Webs (Flash Experience)

  35. Explore the Fantastic Forest

  36. Kidport:  The Food Chain

  37. Who Eats What?

  38. Fish Food:  FLASH Food Chain game

  39. PBS:  Feed Me

  40. Something Froggy:  A Frog's Lifecycle

  41. Animal Life Cycle Summary

  42. Three Phase Insect Lifecycle Summary

  43. Chickscope:  The LifeCycle of a Chick

  44. Morphing Fish Embryo Movie

  45. Morphing Chick Embryo Movie

  46. Morphing Pig Embryo Movie

  47. The Chick Hatchery Movie

  48. The Life Cycle of a Fish

  49. The Butterfly Life Cycle

  50. Frog Life Cycle

  51. Life Cycle WebQuest

  52. Tree Frog Game:  FLASH Predator/Prey Game

  53. Scott-Foresman Science:  How Things Live and Grow

 How Plants Live and Grow

How Animals Grow and Change

Living Things and Their Environments

Changing Environments