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  1. Grouping and Classifying Materials

  2. States of Matter (Flash Experience)

  3. Classifying Matter PPT2

  4. Classifying Matter PPT3

  5. Classifying Matter PPT4

  6. Magnification:  Matter PPT

  7. States of Matter PPT

  8. Water Cycle WebQuest

  9. Water Cycle Student  Experiment

  10. Purpose of Materials:  Matter PPT

  11. Substances and Mixtures:  Matter PPT

  12. Thermal Conductors

  13. Electrical Conductors

  14. Water PPT

  15. Solids, Liquids, and Gases

  16. Changing Matter

  17. Separating Matter

  18. Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

  19. Scott Foresman Science:  Matter and How it Changes

Electricity and Magnetism

  1. Relative Motion and Position: Magnetic Force PPT

  2. Types/Properties of Forces and Motion: Magnetic Force PPT

  3. Interactions of Forces and Motion: Magnetic Force PPT

  4. Circuit Builder

    Can you make the bulbs light without blowing them?

  5. Electricity and Magnetism Flash Demonstration

  6. Physical Processes:  Electricity

  7. Physical Processes:  Magnetism

  8. Transportation:  Artie the Airplane Studio

  9. SCOTT-FORESMAN:  Energy in Your World

  Light and Sound

  1. Physical Process:  Light

  2. Physical Process:  Sound