t2 The Process

Step 1:

You are to collect information about your animal and about rainforest destruction using the books in the classroom about the rainforest and Internet resources.  Click here to go to the Internet resources links. You may also use the book, 50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth by The Earth Works Group. You are to complete the Rainforest and the Animal Graphic Organizers with this information.

Step 2:

Save pictures to a file for your PowerPoint that you will create later.

Step 3:

Use the world map worksheet to color in all the rainforest in the world.  Mark as X in the rainforest where your animal lives.

Step 4:

You are now ready to compose your letter.  You are to write a persuasive letter to stop the man and his company from chopping down the kapok tree.  Remember, you are writing the letter from the animalsí point of view.  You must include facts and information about your animals to defend and support your position. 

Step 5:

You may now work with all the other people who chose your animal to create a PowerPoint presentation to convince the owner of the country and the man with the ax not to cut down your tree and the rest of the rain forest.  You are to use the "Save the Rainforest" PowerPoint template. 

Step 6:  You are to create a mask of your animal to wear when you make your presentation to the class. Your teacher will setup a time for you to make your mask.

Step 7:  Create a poster to advertise ways that kids can help save the rainforest and hang it up in the school.

Step 8:  You are to present your case to your class.

Now that you have read through the directions click here to go to the Internet resources links to get started.