All About Rainforests
Rainforests are extremely important in the ecology of the Earth. The plants of the rainforest generate much of the Earth's oxygen.

Amazon Interactive
Plan and manage a locally-controlled ecotourism project. Can you make ecotourism sustainable?

Ancient Forests Under Seige
Greenpeace site about forests around the world, what lives in them, and how you can help them from being destroyed.

Auckland Zoo: McDonald's Rainforest
Explore the zoo and its unusual collection of animals. Be sure to stop in "Fun Stuff" for some projects you can do at home.

Kids Corner Rainforest Action Network
Join the Kids Action Team to help preserve the natural resources of the world's rainforests.

Rain Forest at Night
After dark unique animals come forth and some plants only show their blooms at night. Let your cursor become your flashlight.

Rainforests - Australia
A virtual tour of the Chambers Wildlife Rainforest. Hundreds of photos, with considerable commentary, of aboriginis, plant and animal life. Photos by Clifford and Dawn Frith Wildlife Photography.

Tropical Rainforest Cluster
Activities, information, and images from the Science Museum of Minnesota's IMAX®/OMNIMAX® film "Tropical Rainforest ." [Video clip showing many highlights of rainforest habitat.]

Tropical Rainforest Edible Plants
Look in your cupboards for these rainforest products. Plan a recipe for a meal with it soon.

Tropical Rainforest Songs and Activities
Learn lots about the ecology of the tropics and listen to some pretty neat songs.

What YOU Can Do to Save the Rainforest
10 things young people can do to help.

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