Recycling Project


    The third grade Science classes are heading up a project to help protect the environment and raising points to get technology hardware for our school.  All you have to do is send your empty ink cartridges with your son or daughter to school.  You can even have your place of employment get involved.  There is not a better way to protect the environment and help out your son's or daughter's school.  Here is some environmental information about the Funding Factory and how it helps the environment. 

FundingFactory and the Environment

FundingFactory™ is providing communities with a proactive solution to waste reduction.  We are doing more than talking about how good recycling can be; we are actively paving the way for modern, convenient and effective recycling results.  With over 11 years experience of collecting empty cartridges, we look forward to the day when recycling cartridges is as common as recycling aluminum cans.

Participants are the new leaders of the age-old concept of recycling.  The impact the cartridge recycling program has on the environment depends on motivated individuals and their ability to create awareness and engage their community. Every single cartridge saved from a landfill makes a difference.  But imagine the difference made when 100, 1000 or even 10,000 cartridges are saved? 

Now imagine the difference made when individuals, then organizations, then cities, then states and then nations start participating? Now that is impact with effect!  As individuals, we are making a difference, but together, we are changing the world!

Startling Environmental Statistics!

It is hard to contemplate the impact on the environment when throwing away thousands of laser and inkjet cartridges.  To make the picture perfectly clear, we researched these environmental statistics!

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