Spelling List 

Unit 25

unfair unhappy rewrite unkind remake
untie unlike unclear unhurt retell
unwrap reuse do have unimportant
review revisit unbuckle remind unready
Unit 26        
teacher friendly useful careful slowly
helper quickly farmer hopeful singer
thankful sadly of said listener
calmly safely wonderful silently skier
Unit 27        
invite Monday enjoy until forget
napkin window Sunday garden market
basket order after under expect
wisdom survive harvest compose perform
Unit 28        
rabbit sudden follow happen butter
lesson dollar button pretty hello
letter yellow funny better stubborn
effort luggage suppose current glitter
Unit 29        
place city center circle nice
once dance circus face certain
pencil space same house concert
entrance cider police ambulance excited
Unit 30        
unfair rewrite unhappy retell unwrap
reuse useful teacher friendly quickly
hopeful singer napkin enjoy until
garden basket window sudden lesson
follow dollar letter hello circle
place center circus pencil dance
stubborn listener unimportant expect entrance
Unit 31        
tooth chew grew cook shoe
blue boot flew shook balloon
drew spoon good soon loose
crooked scoop foolish jewel noodle
Unit 32        
caught thought bought laugh through
enough fought daughter taught brought
ought cough teeth was sought
naughty trough rough tough where
Unit 33        
summer winter little October travel
color apple able November ever
later purple flower people thermometer
icicle castle puzzle middle sweater
Unit 34        
begin again around before away
about alive because ahead between
behind ago they want among
beyond beware agree await behave
Unit 35        
I'm he's aren't couldn't won't
o'clock wouldn't weren't she's wasn't
I'd shouldn't can't isn't let's
who's could've needn't should've mustn't
would've every different favorite I've
Unit 36        
tooth shoe blue few balloon
shock through enough laugh brought
daughter cough October travel color
purple able November again before
about ahead because between I'm
won't o'clock weren't she's shouldn't
loose naughty let's beyond