Reporting the Signs of Spring


Student may report their sightings to me by email me.  Click here to report a sign of Spring.

Hummingbird (Feeder up)

Hummingbird (FIRST Ruby-throated)

Red-winged blackbird (FIRST)

Hummingbird (FIRST Rufous)

Robin (First SEEN)

Leaf-Out (Any species)

Robin (First HEARD Singing)

Loon (FIRST sighted)

Robin (OTHER observations)

Milkweed (FIRST Leaves)

Barn Swallow (FIRST sighted)

Monarch Over-wintering

Frog (First HEARD singing)

Monarch Adult (FIRST sighted)

Oriole (FIRST sighted)

Monarch Larva (FIRST sighted)

Oriole (FIRST Nest-building)

Monarch Egg (FIRST sighted)

Whooping Crane

Monarch (OTHER observations)

Other Signs of Spring

Earthworm (FIRST sighted) Oriole (Feeder up)