Rainforest WebQuest

An Internet WebQuest on the Rainforest!


Introduction - Save the Rainforest - Mission Impossible or Not?

What is the answer? Should we protect the rainforest or should we help the people of rainforest countries by promoting economic growth? Is it possible to meet both goals? During this Webquest you will take on the identity of a rainforest animal. You will work with other people that have chosen the same animal as you to develop an oral presentation and PowerPoint presentation to present to the company that wants to chop down the rainforest. You will also have to write a letter to the President of the rainforest countries to ask him for his help to protect the rainforest. Can you find information to support your views? The protection of the rainforest is a concern worldwide. Efforts have been made to encourage everyone to contribute to its preservation. Annually we celebrate Earth Day in recognition of these efforts. Many areas of the world have areas of rainforest but these rainforests are rapidly being deforested. As you can see by the following map and information below, the rate at which rainforests are disappearing is startling.


    You will find tropical rainforests in 85 countries around the world. Once upon a time rainforests covered 14% of the earth's land surface. Now they cover a about 6%.  Tropical rainforests are located near the equator. These dense, damp forests occur in Latin and South America, Africa, and in Southeast Asia. Although they [tropical rain forests] cover less than seven percent of the Earth's surface, they can provide habitat for between 50 and 90 percent of its plant and animal species.