t2 The Task
   During this Webquest you pretend that you are one of the animals below that live in the rainforest. Click on the one you would like to be.



Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Emerald Tree Snake


Spider Monkey


Three-toed Sloth




You are one of the most beautiful creatures that lives in a hot, humid, moist, and exotic part of the world.  You live in the tropical rainforest.  A man with an ax has started to cut down the tree that you call home. Your mission is to let him and the world know why his company should stop cutting down the rainforest. You will work with other animals of your species to develop a persuasive PowerPoint and oral report to explain why your rainforest home is important to your survival and theirs.  You will present the PowerPoint along with your oral presentation. You will make a mask of your animal to wear when you share your presentation.  You will write a persuasive letter to the president of the country to ask for his or her support in saving your home.  You will create a poster which show way that students can help save the rainforest.  Click on the "Process" button to find out what step you must follow to complete these tasks.