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    Students will learn about the destruction of the rainforest and how it affects the animals in the rainforest and the world.  They will learn ways that they can help to prevent its destruction.  Students will take on the identity of an animal from the rainforest.  Students will research and learn about their animal and its rainforest habitat.  They will learn about how the destruction of the rainforest affects them as an person and their selected animal of the rainforest.  Students will learn these concepts through Internet technology activities to create a PowerPoint presentation and an oral presentation to convince people to protect the rainforest. Students will write a letter to the company that has come to harvest  their rainforest and then try to persuade  them to stop.  Students will create a environmental poster in support of protecting the rainforest. Students will be allowed to work alone or groups on the PowerPoint and oral presentation. 

Subject/Area : Science and Social Studies                                                                       
Grade Level :  3-4

Purpose:  Students will learn about characteristics of animals that live in the rainforest.  Students will learn about why the rainforest must be protected.  Students will learn how to write a persuasive letters.


 The student will :

Time/Class Management

Louisiana Content Standards  


identifying and describing the characteristics and uses of geographic representations, such as various types of maps, globes, graphs, diagrams, photographs, and satellite-produced images

G-1A-E2 locating and interpreting geographic features and places on maps and globes
G-1A-E3 constructing maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams to describe geographical information and to solve problems
G-1B-E1 describing and comparing the physical characteristics of places, including land forms, bodies of water, soils, vegetation, and climate
SE-E-A1 understanding that an "ecosystem" is made of living and non-living components

identifying ways in which humans have altered their environment, both in positive and negative ways, either for themselves or for other living things


understanding that most plant and animal species are threatened or endangered today due to habitat loss or change


examining the habitats of plants and animals and determining how basic needs are met within each habitat


describing how the features of some plants and animals enable them to live in specific habitats


Technology Connection:



Lesson Procedures:

Day 1:  The teacher will introduce and go over parts of the Webquest, Save the Rainforest - Mission Impossible or Not?  The teacher will setup classroom procedures for computer use. 

Day 2:  The students will follow through the step of the Webquest. 

Day 3:  Students that finished the research part of the Webquest will begin work on their PowerPoint or work on their poster, letter and animal mask.  The teacher might want to set up a rotating system in a center type of format.

Day 4:  Students will continue to rotate through the process.  If you have a computer lab the research and PowerPoint activities will not take long to complete.  If you do not have a computerlab you my want to require partners for the PowerPoint activity because of the time element.

Day 5:  Students will continue to work on posters and mask.

Day 6:  Project presentations will be given.  It is best to spread out the presentations over a few days.  This will help keep the audience from getting restless.

Note:  The number of days to complete the PowerPoint presentations will depend upon how many computer you have access to in your school.

Student Products

Extensions/Related Activities

You might want to have your students email the President of the United States to ask for him to help save the rainforest.  This a site were they can email the White House. Ask President Bush to Acknowledge the Global Warming and Forest Destruction Crises -Tell President Bush to stop rolling back environmental laws to increase corporate profits and to face the crises of global warming and forest destruction.

Make a virtual postcard at Rainforest Postcard to send to someone.  Tell them about what you have learned about the rainforest.

Online Activities

Online Rainforest Games

Video Clips

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Rainforest Sounds

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Interactive Rainforest Activities

Lesson Plans/Materials

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PBS Rainforest Site - This PBS site provides links and informaation on rain forest conservation and development.