What is Making Connections?

Southside Elementary School - GLEEM Training

Presented by Pam Masters


  • Making Connections is a standards-based, technology-rich curriculum project of the Louisiana Center for Educational Technology (LCET). Through the creation of a "virtual" resource center, teachers will access "a one stop shop" for instructional materials that enhance teaching, learning, and technology opportunities in Louisiana's K-12 schools. 
  • The Louisiana Content Standards - are the heart of the project and provide the context in which all resources will be selected, presented, and implemented. The components of this electronic resource center include the following. 
  • lThe Website Resource component contains a collection of web sites that may be integrated into a teacher's daily lesson plan and used by students for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the lesson. Each web site is aligned to the Louisiana Content Standards. All website resources have been reviewed using criteria specified by SREB's Evalutech project.
  • The Assessment Items component provides sample statewide assessment items that have been linked to the Louisiana Content Standards and Benchmarks. These sample items may be used to familiarize students with standardized test items that require both problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Links for Building a Lesson in Making Connections.